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Terrace Jatoma


Hardwood terraces-entraces-steps,

These architectural elements are an integral part of the house or garden
connecting the indoor with the outdoor. It is important to incorporate them in a smart way with the building and surroundings. The combination of hard wood and galvanized steel is a killer, and when I work with the the two materials together they compliment each other and create a better long lasting and maintenance free solution.

i believe what make the difference in a design and take the terraces to a
different level are the unique elements and the small details. When I make a terrace, I start with a drawing of the suggested structure. The drawing serves as the basis for a discussion with the client, after which adjustments are made to fit the client wishes. Once a drawing is agreed upon, I go on with the construction
of the steel structure, which is then sent to galvanizing. The galvanized
structure will be shipped to the client site and put up, after which the wood is added. For the wood, I usually work with Jatoba, Cumaro, Teak, Ipe, or Lark. These wood types vary in color, quality and price. The foundation of the
hardwood planks are usually impregnated wood. It is recommended not to coat the hard wood with anything, so that weather is allowed to transfer the hardwood to a gray- silver shade, adding a nice patina with the passage of time.

All this will make the perfect custom made terrace.

zohar gev