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Zee Line table

A large part of my work is focused on customized designs, through which I
create unique solutions to customer needs and requests of the client. The Zee Line furniture line is strong and at the same time simple, unique and balanced. Magnets are used in the construction of most pieces and make it possible to incorporate different materials that fit the furniture in the client's house.

My primary materials are metals steel, stainless steel, aluminum - which I
often combine with one or more other types of materials such as hardwood,
glass, slate and stucco. I can work with any material and like experimenting with new ones, you just need to challenge me. Many times I do work that is specific to a certain place or a certain use. I aim the piece to fit the desire of the client, while following my own guide lines and concept of shape form and texture. Please feel free to tempt me with a project that will meet your needs, to create something that you dream of.

zohar gev