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Name: Zohar Gev
Born: 1965
University: Ben Gurion
Major: Architecture
Favorite Material: Metal
Favorite Wood: Teak

My Work

My Favorite Artists
Diego Giacometti
Robert Jacobsen

Welcome to my site
My name is Zohar Gev and I am a sculptor. Metal is my primary material, which I like to mix with other elements to create unique art and designs. Feel free to tempt me with a project that will meet your needs.

In my work I express the relation and balance in nature between the living creatures and the man made, capturing the dynamic movement and the form of the living creatures in the material transformed to an organic form in the functional artpieces each piece humorously reflect a picture from daily life.

Many times I do work that is specific to a certain place or certain use. I aim the piece to fit the desire of the client and because of my architecture background I feel very comfortable to do these projects and to target the final peace to the demands of the client. However I do collaborate this peace with my guide lines and concept of shape form and texture. Please feel free to tempt me with a project that will meet your needs, to create something that you can only dream of. I can do it.

I work with interior designers, architects, curators and artists on collaborative works. Together we use different materials to create unique architectural solutions, furniture, artwork, interior design elements, store displays, gallery mounting and prototypes,

Corporate art
My art is available for rent to corporate art shows and temporary displays. I gladly participate in art auctions and charity events.

zohar gev